Thursday, November 29, 2012

Luxury Lounge: Yves Saint Laurent Knee-High Mirrored Tabita Boot

Luxury leather boots really are the epitome of glam, but Yves Saint Laurent adds a whole new meaning to the word. This slim-fit pair are the perfect mix of sexy, chic, and classic with a modern twist. Defined by a square toe, matte textured leg and buffed leather bootie, they have the makings of the perfect go-to pair. While those details are hot in and of themselves, it’s the mirrored heel and platform (both adorned with copper-tone framing) that really throws us over the edge! These boots were practically made for the Lounge and we couldn’t resist sharing them in all their mirrored and platformed glory. Can you imagine a better way to step out of the house each day?  They stand tall at about 5 inches, are 100% leather, and are on sale for $1,592 

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