Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Graziela Gems White Rose Ring

To say that Sex & The City can completely ruin your idea of what working in New York City is like, would be an understatement. To that end, a lot of us have always wanted a moment that relates to the lives of one of those four ladies. Personally, Samantha was always my favorite — she just understands me. If you can’t date a model, can’t be the head of a premier PR company or have a solid group of girlfriends to confide in — you can at least have a piece of Samantha on your finger. We’re currently obsessing over this Graziela Gems White Rose Ring; it’s divine. Not only is this the perfect piece of jewelry to pair with a Chanel tweed jacket, it can really go with anything if you have the right attitude. The White Rose Ring boasts 5.05cts diamonds, white agate petals set in 20.5g of 18k rose gold. This gorgeous piece retails at the amazing price of $15,900 and is available here. If you’ve got the money, you need to buy this right now.

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