Monday, May 13, 2013

Ten Fun Facts We Learned from Betsey Johnson's New Reality Show, 'XOX Betsey Johnson'

Betsey Johnson's new reality show with her daughter Lulu, XOX Betsey, premieres tonight — Mother's Day! On the scripted-ness scale, it's at about the level of any Real Housewives program (coincidentally, Lulu would make an awesome addition to RHONY). But! It still offers a pretty intimate peek into the lives of this mother-daughter duo.

Below, ten fun facts we learned about Betsey and Lulu Johnson.

1. Betsey Johnson doesn't use the internet too often. "That's where it's at. Online, webbing, twittering, twanging," she says, when one of Steve Madden's PR folks suggests she amp up her website. (Steven Madden purchased a majority of Betsey's assets when her company went bankrupt.)

2. The designer lives across the hall from her daughter, Lulu, who doesn't always enjoy her mother popping in, Kimmy Gibbler-style.

3. Lulu lets her kids draw all over her spendy Saarinen furniture, because they are "artistic."

4. Lulu — who started working as a sales associate in a Betsey Johnson store at 14, and eventually became her mother's PR director before quitting to raise her kids — wants to start her own line, Lulu and Allison. Without her famous mom's help. She has a business partner who has no business experience, but does possess "great energy."

5. Betsey and Lulu go to couples' therapy, at Lulu's insistence. "Therapy sessions, I just don't get," Betsey says. "If I don't feel good, it's my own fucking fault."

6. Betsey eats branzino every night.

7. Betsey used to take a car service to her trainer in New Jersey, which cost her $500 each way. But, since her financial troubles, she's figured out how to use New Jersey transit.

8. When people on the street recognize Betsey Johnson, and yell "Betsey! Betsey!" she yells "You guys! You guys!"

9. Lulu's Lulu and Allison line is going to be very Michelle-Pfeiffer-in-Scarface-meets-Sharon-Stone, according to Lulu, and her business partner, Allison.

10. Betsey drinks champagne before working out. Because she's our hero.

You can catch XOX Betsey Johnson Sundays at 8pm on Style. 

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