Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thierry Mugler Is Back To Mugler As Creative Adviser

Thierry Mugler is back to Mugler as a creative adviser. Following departure of creative director Nicola Formichetti the designer who started the Mugler brand has taken the position as a creative adviser to Mugler SAS director general, Joël Palix, which means that he will advise Palix on business side of things. According to British Vogue, the position of a creative director at the brand is still vacant.

Mugler has undertaken many steps in reinventing itself as a brand, which included hiring Nicola Formichetti two years ago. Now it’s striving to bring the ready-to-wear and fragrance departments under a single creative management and present the new brand vision for its 40th anniversary.

It is not an understatement to say that Mr. Thierry Mugler is both a legend of fashion and fragrance. His body of work has influenced many designers and perfumers worldwide. He has brought extraordinary sensory experiences to millions of women and men across the world. It is time to unite both activities under one single creative management and turn Mugler into a global and fully integrated luxury brand with a synergetic approach across fashion, accessories and fragrances.
said Joël Palix.

Thierry Mugler who left the brand in 2002 has had many other projects since his departure from fashion. He remained a head of Mugler fragrance and went on to design costumes for Beyonce and Dita Von Teese. The designer also worked with Cirque du Soleil directing “Extravaganza” scene as well as desigining the costumes for the characters. Despite his new position Thierry Mugler will continue with his other projects like directing theatre shows.

Other changes also include departure of two Mugler’s designers Sébastien Peigné and Romain Kremer.
The much expected news is who will take position of creative director at the brand. We hope we’ll learn soon enough.

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