Saturday, March 9, 2013

24 Hours In The Life Of Giorgio Armani At Milan Fashion Week

Read below to find out what Giorgio Armani does on show day - from what he eats for breakfast to what he wears to what he does after the show.

7am: ‘I always wake up early – I like to follow the day’s natural rhythm. I start with a workout, which I never miss. The day before the show I presented the accessories from both our Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani collections, which were well-received by the press, so I am feeling prepared for the day ahead.’
8am: ‘I then shower – that always gives me an energy boost – and dress. I see my clothing as a sort of work “uniform” that doesn’t distract me or other people, who must focus on what I do and say. For the show I choose practical jeans with a worn look, a navy- blue T-shirt and comfortable white sneakers. I couldn’t be without my glasses and watch, and recently I’ve been wearing a chain with a small ruby.’
8.30am: ‘I love a simple and natural breakfast. Before the show I choose a milky coffee, toast and jam and yogurt and read the morning newspapers.’
9am: ‘The design offices are in Via Borgonuovo, a street full of beautiful and typically Milanese buildings like the one I live in. I usually walk to work, but before the shows I take the car to the Teatro
Armani, where I have presented my prêt-à-porter collections for several years.’
9.30am: ‘I arrive to a lively atmosphere. I work on fittings up until the last minute. For spring/summer 2013, we had two shows of the Emporio Armani collection, so we have to keep the momentum going.’
11am: ‘Backstage before the show, I like to check every detail: the rhythm of the music that marks the models’ steps, the hair and the make-up. The show must be perfect. I work without background music backstage – I prefer the environment to be as calm as possible.’
 11.30am: ‘The show begins. Feeling nervous during the show is inevitable, it is when six months of work is put to the test.’
11.45am: ‘As soon as the show is over I always have a mixture of feelings: I’m excited and relaxed at the same time. One of my favourite moments is always straight after the show. It is a time when everyone can see that their hard work has paid off. Immediately after the first show I meet with the journalists in the showroom backstage to discuss some of the themes of the collection. We then prepare to do the show again an hour later.’
12.45pm: ‘After the second show I greet guests and pose for photos with them. The S/S ’13 collection was full of things I really liked: the texture of the fabrics that were soft and light to the touch and the colours that I thought were particularly flattering on the models, whether blonde or brunette. I also like the freshness of the short dresses and shorts that showed off the legs.’
1.30pm: ‘Home for lunch – something light and healthy. Like everyone, I try to keep home and work life separate. My home is my refuge, where I retreat, spend time with friends and relax in the calm of my personal space. Of course, my work follows me, but only in my thoughts, and during Fashion Week my home is a peaceful island in the week’s excitement.’
3pm: ‘I return to work on the Giorgio Armani collection that is to be presented two days later, making sure that everything is perfect.’
7pm: ‘Being the head of an important company means that you are always busy on many fronts; this is my real daily energy boost. It is important to relax too and I enjoy my time after the shows to do just this, quietly at home with my two Persian cats.

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