Friday, March 8, 2013

Tanya Taylor Gets Catty For The Camera

Newcomer Tanya Taylor presented her third collection of feminine, vintage-inspired wares at the MoMA this season. But she wanted an auxiliary artistic outlet to convey her concept. “I always think it’s nice to add an extra element to explain what you’re thinking,” Taylor said. She settled on a retro fashion film, which played off her Fall ’13 inspiration, French artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud. “He used a lot of grids and had a modular, linear approach to art,” said Taylor. “So the concept of the film was this girl with really bright clothes and a quirky personality within a very sterile grid.” 

Directed by Brina Thurston and David Riley in collaboration with creative directors Arch & Loop, the film and its minimalist backdrop let the designer’s energizing mishmash of checks, floral prints, sixties silhouettes, pink fur (a new textile for Taylor), and considered details (crystal embellishments, eyelets, leather collars, and driving gloves) shine. Model Mina Cvetkovic has a Bardot essence about her, with dark eyes, a modern bouffant, and an enduring expression of ennui. “She’s kind of mysterious. She pulls you in and makes you wonder what she’s thinking,” said Taylor. But Cvetkovic and the designer’s clothes aren’t the only stars of the film—Taylor’s 5-year-old Persian cat, Oscar, makes a cameo. And boy, does he ham it up. “He just happened to be in the studio that day, and we thought, Why not throw him in a few shots?” she explained. “Now, though, his head’s getting pretty big.” Watch Taylor’s new collection, and Oscar’s grand debut, in her Fall film. 

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