Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interview with Marie Palandjian-Raxevsky from the MINI RAXEVSKY

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 This time FASHIONDELLA is hosting an interesting interview with Miss Marie Palandjian-Raxevsky from the MINI RAXEVSKY, one of the leading brands in children fashion.
Fashiondella's  aim  is to reveal the next top fashion designers so we will continue to introduce interesting new brands and talents from all around the world.
If you r one of them and ready to tell the world about your works-welcome! Fashiondella is here for you.
"Fashion is the science of  appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be"

F.: Marie, describe us the story of your brand, MINI RAXEVSKY.

M.: The founder and President of Mini Raxevsky, Dimitra Raxevsky, comes from a family that has always been involved in the world of fashion. Her parents took action in 1953 with production of clothing and wholesale trade to customers in the Greek territory and quite soon they accomplished to build one of the first and largest export units in the Balkan.
Being the youngest of the three sisters, Dimira, literally “lived” in the factory since the age of five years old. Ever since, she learned to design creatively, sew and cut out all kinds of clothes.
Soon, she was carried away by the children's clothing market and in 1989 she decided to establish her own company under the brand name “Mini Raxevsky”.
Today, the company is one of the leading firms in Greece, specializing in children’s clothes, from babies to teens, while it is popular for the differentiated, trendy design as well as the high quality of the products it offers.
F.: In which countries do you operate?

 M.: We have more than 200 wholesale customers and we operate successfully many Franchise shops locally and internationally. We currently sell in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Qatar, Russia, S. Africa, Ukraine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Japan and Germany.

F.: What are your future plans for the brand?

M.: Our commitment for the end of 2013 is our further expansion and establishment in new markets and the continuation of our long-standing flow with quality and creativity! The establishment of Mini Raxevsky boutiques, through own shops and Franchising in every fashion district of the planet, is the aim we wish to accomplish!

F.:  Which markets do you see as the most promising?

M.:  The most promising markets are U.S.A. and Middle East. Especially for the Gulf Region and wider Middle East, we have already visited some of the biggest Malls and we are in contact with respected businessmen. Our key characteristics seem to perfectly match their market, which thirsts for premium kids clothing in competitive prices. We see the combination of Mini Raxevsky ‘Product’ & Concept’ will soon conquer this territory which is definitely our top target right now. 

F.: Who are the designers of your clothes?

M.: Mini Raxevsky Collections (Raxevsky, Renegades, Disney and Hello Kitty) are exclusively designed in Athens, Greece, in our privately owned facilities by a team of six designers under the guidance of Mrs. Dimitra Raxevsky. They attend all the latest fashion shows and fairs in order to create what is best for the children’s market. This is reflected on the selection of the patterns, the prints and the quality which is based at the best Egyptian cotton and the explicit European fabrics we use.

 F.: Are the children the decision makers or the parents?        

M.: After a certain age, approximately that of 3 years old, children have a strong opinion of what they want to wear. In my opinion, children express themselves with what they wear and that gives them a sense of independence. However, the final decision towards buying rests upon the parents as they have the final saying. A parent decides which clothes to buy but the children have a strong saying on what they will wear at the end of the day.

F:  Any famous child that you ever dressed?

M.:  Just like every country, we have our own celebrities in Greece who range from actresses and singers to politicians and artists. Mini Raxevsky is a very well known and prestigious brand name in Greece and many famous people visit our boutiques and dress their children head to toe from Mini Raxevsky!


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