Thursday, December 13, 2012

Optical Illusions: Liselotte Watkins For Rodebjer

Liselotte Watkins may be best known for the expressive fashion illustrations she pens for Elle, Vogue, and The New Yorker. But, struck by the holiday spirit, the Swedish artist has teamed up with close pal and frequent collaborator Carin Rodebjer (founder of the Stockholm-based womenswear label of the same name) to create a limited-edition, graphic tromp l’oeil scarf. “It’s always very gratifying to make prints,” says Watkins. “I love printed media and working with magazines.

But with clothing prints, you need to add another dimension to the drawings.” Watkins created the accessory’s requisite “depth” by sketching a wide-eyed femme wearing a graphic color-blocked scarf over her shoulders, which flows into the shape of the actual silk scarf Watkins has designed for Rodebjer. The result is a vibrant, surreal accoutrement that its creators note can double as a framed work of art. “I like the meta feeling of it,” Watkins says.

Rodebjer’s Lisolette Watkins scarf is available at

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