Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Borgo Goes Glam

Designers showed lots of love for the nineties in their Spring ’13 collections, and Eddie Borgo was no exception. His Spring baubles were all about the gilded glory of the decade (think vintage Chanel chains and  Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele shoots) and its epic glamazons. So it makes sense that the designer would enlist a modern-day super—Anja Rubik—to star in his Spring images.

 Styled by Keegan Singh and shot by Paul Maffi, the ads mark the first campaign Borgo will run in a publication (they’ll come out in the new issue ofThe Last Magazine this Wednesday). To further express his theme, Borgo asked Rubik to star in a sexy-meets-campy Spring film that, the designer explains, “represents the slick imagery of the time.” Set to Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll, the short features Rubik dripping in Borgo’s no-nonsense wares, like geometric gold necklaces, hoop or link earrings, and piles of cuffs. Take a gander at the designer’s ode to the nineties in his Spring shoot (above) and film (below).

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