Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Game On at Anya Hindmarch

Everyone moved very, very carefully at Anya Hindmarch’s Fall ’13 accessory presentation today. Why? Because one wrong step, and they could have sent thousands of dominoes toppling over. In keeping with her Fall theme—anagrams and cascades—Hindmarch debuted her accessories collection on black-and-white striped platforms lined with rows and rows of the spotted game pieces. “Dominoes and games have been playing in my head for the past six months. I became obsessed with them, partly because of World Domino Day in the U.S. I know it sounds odd, but that is the nature of designers—we obsess,” said Hindmarch. 

That fixation came across loud and clear in her bags, which were hydraulically lifted up from a mechanical plinth every time a row of dominoes went down. (All of this was constructed by Dutch artist Robin Weijers—the World Record holder for domino toppling.) Dice, playing cards, and backgammon boards were all represented in the squishy soft handbags, clutches, and totes. The whole thing was playful and puerile, in a good way and, come Fall, Hindmarch’s die-hard fans (their devotion borders on groupie-dom, really) will be in for a good bit of fun. 

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