Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dsquared² Does Drag

There’s no arguing that Dsquared²’s Dean and Dan Caten are frightfully handsome men. But beautiful women? Who knew! The designers teamed up with Mert and Marcus to create their moody, Hitchcockian Spring ’13 film titled Behind the Mirror. And to show off Dsquared²’s short shorts, corsets, body-con dresses, and piles of gold jewelry, the Caten men dressed up in drag. “Twenty years ago, we used to play around at being models,” says Dean, noting that he and Dan used to play “dress up” when they’d go to parties. “Now we are looking back to the nineties, an era that has become the theme of our collection. 

 We asked ourselves what we were doing back then and realized we were pretending to be people we weren’t,” he adds. However, the designers explain that it’s one thing to dance around in one’s underwear and heels, pretending to be Madonna among friends, but it’s quite another to do it in front of a camera crew. “You feel a little awkward [on set], not least because one day you’re a man and one day you are dressed up as a woman. It’s a bit strange,” says Dan. Dean admits, “I was terrified, and I really wasn’t comfortable until the last scene. I mean, nobody said, ‘Hey, you look hot!’ It was all very serious and there were no comments, no reaction…nothing, [which] is the worst.” Whether or not they were at ease in their feminine wares, the designers seem quite the pair of vintage glamazons (with fantastic legs, we might add) as they crawl around on their hands and knees inside a mirrored room. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the Dsquared² boys cross-dressing again anytime soon. “I’ll try everything once, especially if it means having some fun,” says Dan. “But I like to always move forward and evolve, so I doubt we’ll go back to doing this.” Catch the gorgeous gents while you can in the film’s online debut, above. 

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